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For The Story Vacations offers curated, European vacation planning, specifically tailored to your unique needs and desires. This includes trip trajectories, accommodations, transportation, excursions, tours, dinner reservations, activities, and more.
Yes! Having lived in Europe since 2016 my clients receive up-to-date, “boots on the ground” knowledge of the best experiences, restaurants, and more.
For The Story Vacations works with clients a maximum of one year prior to your desired departure date. If you are more than one year out from departure, we kindly ask you to contact us when you are closer.
Yes! Not including your 2 travel days (to and from Europe), we have an 8-day “on the ground” minimum to work with clients who are planning trips to Europe.

While we are happy to work with clients who are traveling for less than 8 days, our minimum fee would apply. For The Story Vacations does not have a maximum number of travel days and has booked trips ranging from weeks to multiple months!
Yes, coming August 2024! For The Story Vacations will soon be offering City Destination Booklets. These downloadable PDFs are filled with my favorite restaurants, things to see, and hidden gems in Europe’s most famous cities.

For The Story Vacations will also be offering more budget-friendly, pre-packaged adventures to Italy for 8, 10, and 12 days. Check back in August 2024 for more details!
For The Story Vacations does not book transatlantic flights. For an additional fee, we can provide a flight pattern on your behalf, which you can book at your leisure. For The Story Vacations will book all internal European flights, trains, ferries, and transfers associated with your trip.
The European authorities are continuously updating the rules and every country is different. It is important to research your countries of interest to stay up-to-date on any specific requirements. As of January 2024 disclosing your vaccination status is not required for any European countries.
This is very dependent on a number of factors including accommodation preferences, traveling style, deal-breakers, activities of interest, and more. During our initial phone call we can discuss your requirements in more detail, and we will be able to provide a realistic range per person.
Our pricing is based on the number of people traveling and how many days you plan to travel.

For The Story Vacations is a boutique travel company. What we create is customized, off-the-beaten-path, and very different from a traditional travel agent. The price of our planning services reflects this.
For The Story Vacations planning fee is non-refundable. Upon booking you will receive our legal contract which outlines cancellations, rescheduling trips, and additional information for your own protection and peace of mind.
Yes! For an additional fee For The Story Vacations offers on-the-ground communication for the duration of your trip. Should something arise while you’re traveling that requires additional information we will provide that to you at no additional charge. This includes things like train time changes due to strikes, flight cancellations, activity cancellations, etc.
For The Story Vacations consists of founder, Rachael Rogers, and 3 talented travel experts whose sole objective is to bring your trip to life! With our years of experience and knowledge exclusively around Europe we are the perfect match for any ideas you may have!

Read more about our team here:MEET THE TEAM
Yes, For The Story Vacations plans Elopements across 6 countries in Europe! Read more about our Elopement Services here.;
For The Story Vacations defines an elopement as a group of 10 guests maximum (including the couple).

Elopements are a separate planning package that can be booked in conjunction with our 8-day minimum for an additional fee. Pricing for elopements varies based on several factors, including destination, guest count, etc.

Read more about our Elopement Services here.;
YES! We love a good road trip! If you are interested in incorporating a road trip into your adventure let me know during your inquiry call. I can provide ideas of my favorite places for road trips and how to structure those days.
No. For The Story Vacations offers curated, personalized trips to Europe for up to groups of 15 people. We have found the larger the group, the more difficult it is to offer the unique, authentic experiences that make personalized trips so special.
During this call, we will discuss your dreams and ideas for your trip. This includes destinations, dates, planning fees, activities, accommodation preferences, a realistic budget, and more. I will walk you through the planning process and what that looks like, from your trajectory selection to your Travel Bible delivery. These calls last roughly 15-20 minutes and can be booked by clicking here!
That is no problem at all! I am happy to book an additional call for a fee of $75.00. If you choose to book For The Story Vacations this fee is applied to your planning services invoice.
For The Story Vacations does not plan trips from December 22nd to January 6th (the Epiphany). This is considered to be the European Holiday break. The holidays are a time to slow down, and it’s quite common for our guides, drivers, favorite restaurants, and cafes in Europe to close during this long holiday period. Due to the lack of availability from our amazing guides, more limited accommodation options, and closed restaurants, it becomes difficult for us to offer the special moments and experiences that make For The Story Vacations so unique. Instead, we opt to close ourselves, spend time with loved ones, and prepare for the new year!